Guest Author Margaret Langstaff

Rosie Amber recently conducted an pretty extensive interview with me my about my fiction, in particular about “Twlight’s Indian Princess,” my latest. I thought I’d share with you in the event you might find it interesting.–Margaret …. * P.S. Self-promoting authors immediately get a deaf ear these days, and understandably so.  I re-blogged this, not because I expected soaring sales as a result, but as a testimony to my respect for the hard core purist book lovers and reviewers at Rosie Amber’s Book Reviews who take their mission seriously.  The questions they asked me were tough and required much introspection and thought. It took me hours to respond honestly and sensibly.  I treasure them for their seriousness and dedication and thank them for including me at all (a mystery still to me:))! They are terrific.

Rosie Amber

Today we welcome Margaret Langstaff to the blog, author of yesterday’s book “Twilight’s Indian Princess”. Here is a link to the book post. (Link to be added)

Margaret Langstaff

Let’s find out more about Margaret and her writing.

Where is your home town?

I live in a small town just west of Gainesville, FL (home to University of Florida, my alma mater) on a small farm with lots of large animals, many of them “rescues,” and crawling with wildlife. I moved here 12 years ago after leaving a career in book publishing to write full time.

How long have you been writing?

I started “writing” in elementary school when I was about ten and took advanced degrees in English Lit and writing at UF.

What genres do you enjoy writing and why?

I don’t really write genre fiction if by that you mean romance, fantasy, sci-fi etc., although I’ve written two funny…

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About Margaret Jean Langstaff

A lifelong critical reader with literary tastes, a novelist, short story writer, essayist, book critic, and professional book editor for many years. A consultant to publishers and authors, providing manuscript critiques and a full range of editorial services. A friend and supporter of all other readers and writers. A collector of signed modern first editions. Animal lover and tree hugger. Follow me on Twitter @LangstaffEditor
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  1. Rosie Amber says:

    You’re very welcome.

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