As of 3/14/2014,GOOD PEOPLE DOING GREAT THINGS now has its OWN SITE!

It’s still sketchy, only three posts so far, but it will flesh out fairly quickly.


  • visit,
  • follow and,
  • most of all, participate and contribute.

We want to hear your stories and experiences, events and acts of spontaneous kindness that you have witnessed or initiated yourself.

We are looking for:

  • guest bloggers
  • columnists
  • advisors
  • big hearted people of all backgrounds who get the vital importance of immediate compassionate, hands-on individual action when confronted with the lives of the needy, suffering or distressed. Also ….
  • We need techies expert with WP who can volunteer their time to make it a visually engaging, spectacular site!

“Do it anyway.” —Mother Teresa


Lots of wonderful things are hatching with this interview series project showcasing ordinary people who are doing extraordinarily compassionate things for others who need help, performing direct hands-on acts of mercy, that incrementally make the world a better place.

What this does for them in turn is equally extraordinary in spiritual and emotional terms.

There are many lessons to learned from their experiences and spiritual gifts and insights to be had by listening and learning from them.

Remarkably, this seems a subject many are interested in, even passionate about.  Frankly, I’m surprised, if not shocked, at this though I suspected there was a deep very human need for knowing how the average Joe or Jill can become a hero by alleviating in some small way the suffering and pain right in front of our eyes every day.

I myself have become very inspired at the sheer quantity of human compassion still extant in our world, right outside our front doors, in fact, and have taken great heart and strength in learning about it.

This, I am sure, merits another separate blog devoted exclusively to these remarkable (largely unsung, unrecognized) people, but for starters we’ll start here.

The first interview will appear here in a few weeks.  Please stay tuned. This is a work in progress, so please be indulgent and bear with me as things develop and we fine tune formatting, graphics and the rest.


English: President Reagan presents Mother Tere...

English: President Reagan presents Mother Teresa with the Medal of Freedom at a White House Ceremony, 1985. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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6 Responses to GOOD PEOPLE DOING GREAT THINGS –“News Flash!!!”

  1. Justin says:

    I think this is a great idea.


  2. Good grief, if I ever got what I really “deserve” I’d be one hurting puppy. But I believe that every day acts of compassion are critical to our spiritual, emotional and mental health, as well as to the survival of our species and planet. Organized religions codify these as rules/regulations and they over time fail to move and inspire us (particularly when we look at the human failings inevitable in organized religions and use them to deflate/denigrate their core message. The core message of all the world’s great spiritual traditions is this: God is love. Love one another. The only way we can recover the juice in this message is to see it up close, in action, by everyday ordinary contemporary people helping others in bad, terrible situations. That makes it real again to us, brings it back to us tangibly, makes it live and breathe again, and helps US live.


  3. Reblogged this on Margaret Langstaff and commented:

    It’s live as of today, still a baby, so be a bit patient. Gonna be big, we think. Interest has been strong.


  4. J says:

    Just Lovely


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