To Mark the 23rd Anniversary of Walker Percy’s Death

Margaret Jean Langstaff:

So encouraging, refreshing to see some still asking the hard questions. Percy is a great example, an inspiration to those that have the interest, courage and willingness to go out on a limb on the remote chance of locating the pulse and promise life as it is lived, the big things we sense but do not apprehend, and understanding how and why it is

Originally posted on Modern Letters:

A great scientist once said that genius consists not in making great discoveries but in seeing the connection between small discoveries.

The final weeks at university were marked by one thing in common: Walker Percy’s Lost in the Cosmos. After I spent weeks pouring over it as my muse for a theory of literature I was writing (the final paper in my literary criticism class) I came to the following conclusion. I am thoroughly convinced that university presidents should take up the practice of handing a book of Walker Percy’s essays to every college graduate when they get their degree, with a smile of compassion, a pat on the back, and a “You might need this- it’s a strange world out there.”

So I’m very happy to share the launch of “Signnpostings” on this day, the 23rd anniversary of his death. Colin Brown writes: “The point of this blog is…

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A lifelong critical reader with literary tastes, a novelist, short story writer, essayist, book critic and so on for many years...A consultant to publishers, providing manuscript critiques, a friend and supporter of others, admittedly a small group but my kind of people, interested in literary things and of writers who aspire to writing not just books (or poems, stories, novels, plays etc.) but literature.
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3 Responses to To Mark the 23rd Anniversary of Walker Percy’s Death

  1. Yulia says:

    Hmmm what if Jane Austen were mashed with James Joyce? Leopold Bloom meets George Wickham? For epmlxae, given the track record of criminals escaping capture, it would no doubt promote the most overall good for Spider-Man to kill his most dangerous adversaries—Venom, Doc Ock, the Green Goblin—rather than allow them to continue their harmful criminal sprees again and again and again after escaping imprisonment. Holy spit so anti-heroes are the most heroic of all?


  2. And furthermore (haha) Anti-heroes as Real Heroes is just the kind of tautology I get trapped in myself.


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